Update! (and other bits…)

Hello all, sorry for the radio silence, lots going on! I’m in Manchester for the geologists association meeting 2019. I gave a well recieved talk about the fossil forest and it’s progress, the volunteer team and our collaborations.

Literally talking about video games at a geology conference. Hyper-nerd

Things are chugging along on site, we’ve just finished clearing the footprint of the incoming phase one building (when i say ‘we’ I mean i did a bit and the volunteer BFF team worked their respective bottoms off). The aim here was to clear the area back to the rock face as it would have been left 10 years ago at the end of the initial exploratory excavations, it is surprising how much soil and rubble had accumulated in that time! Here’s some pics of how it is now…

Odin, keeper of the forest, diligently protecting his charge

in the picture above you can see the exposed sandstone bed with a dipped channel (that Odin is sitting in) we currently interpret this as an actual channel feature, likely being formed by one of the slow-moving braided river. to the right of this feature are over 100 in-situ calamites horsetails! while along the edge of the bank are compressed calalmites, occasional lycopod stems and associated debris (think flotsam accumulating on a slow moving river-edge), while the beds in the dip of the bank seem rather barren. Bear in mind we are clearing, excavation wont begin proper until the phase one build is complete! we are mega excited by what we’ve uncovered so far and cant wait to see the build go up and get stuck in!

Tim, George and Tom clearing the site

Stay tuned for updates, hopefully big news in the near future!

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