Interested in volunteering? Get in touch! tim.astrop@brymboheritage.co.uk

We have a dedicated, bright and enthusiastic team of volunteers making the fossil forest project happen. As with all endeavours under the Brymbo Heritage Trust umbrella, the fossil forest project is community driven, we want volunteers to get involved, learn to love their natural heritage and take ownership of the amazing window into the Carboniferous period which the fossil forest represents.

Volunteers learning the basics of stratigraphy

New volunteers are required to attend three one-hour introductory sessions covering the history of the site, basics of geology and an introduction to fossilisation. Once completed volunteers are welcome to come and go as they please, working on curating specimens, cracking open nodules, participating in excavations, leading guided tours or whatever takes their fancy! Everything needs to be done and all efforts are gratefully received!

Volunteers identifying and cataloguing specimens

Meet the team!

Mary White – “I have a background in R&D at a pharma company, now working part time. I heard from another volunteer Nov 2018 that training was being offered on the FF so I went along. I now help identify and catalogue the specimens from 2009 prior to starting to excavating again”

Sylvia Tomassen –  “I work at Wrexham Maelor as a physiotherapist. I am obssessed about fossils, which is why I volunteered.  At present I have been helping identify fossils already found. My obsessive compulsive nature is itching to help excavate the fossil forest.”

Chris Sharp – “Following a career as a scientist in musculoskeletal health research I’m currently a senior lecturer in Life Sciences at the University of Chester based at University Centre Shrewsbury where I look after the Biochemistry and Genetics & Evolution programmes. I have had a fascination with geoscience and fossils since young and look forward to to opportunities that volunteering with the BFF team will offer to learn about the Carboniferous environment and hopefully finding something interesting. I am currently helping with the sorting and identification of stored specimens collected during the earlier excavation of the site. This offers the opportunity of handling many different specimens through attempts to identify them which will be useful when the fossil forest site is exposed and excavated later in the spring”